3D Basecamp 2020 is now 3D Basecamp 2022

After monitoring COVID-19 trends, we have decided that it’s best to host our one-of-a-kind conference, 3D Basecamp on September 26-30, 2022. This extended period of time will give everyone the opportunity to recover and will help ensure the safety of our attendees and staff. The event will continue to be hosted at the Vancouver Convention Center in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. 

Furthermore, to keep the fire alive, we will be transitioning to an 8-week virtual series called 3D Basecamp Fireside Chats. This fun and entertaining series will bring together some of the best 3D Basecamp presenters for in-depth interviews and educational presentations. Season 1 can be found on YouTube. Season 2 will be coming in Summer 2021!

- The 3D Basecamp Team