Know Before You Go

You don’t have to think of everything on your own. Here’s a list of Basecamp essentials… so the details won’t be a cactus in your side. Get the red tape outta the way, and you’ll be Basecampin’ in no time!

Before your trip, remember to...

...Pack your laptop, charger, and any adapters you might need for a week of 3D modeling and file sharing. Laptops are required for our hands-on 3D Basecamp workshop sessions.

...Bring a 3-button mouse. You may or may not use one, but trust us: a 3-button mouse is the best way to learn and use SketchUp.

...Download the 3D Basecamp mobile app. Use the app to meet other attendees, find your way around, and keep tabs on your schedule.

...Install SketchUp Pro 2018 and authorize it with this license info:

  1. Install SketchUp Pro 2018
  2. Open SketchUp Pro, click “License” and copy/paste the info below:

Serial number: TC-00292979-ALR
Authorization Code: aadc037753f7b5
License expires October 5th, 2018

...Leave some space in your luggage. Our swag team has put together a sweet collection of stuff you won’t want to leave behind.

...Review the conference schedule. We’ve made a few revisions in the past few months. big and small, so make sure you’re still planning to be at the right places at the right times!

...Dress to impress... the flamingos! Our Desert Glow party is just that: an evening of shining bright! SketchUp staff will be donning their best tropical, colorful outfits. Its not required, but it’s encouraged!

...Check the weather. Palm Springs is going to be hot! But don’t sweat (too much…) it will be nice and cool inside. We think you’ll be most comfortable packing layers!

...Tell your network where you are. Try one of these Out of Office messages on for size:

  • I’m OOO at 3D Basecamp... I’ll be a much smarter 3D modeler the next time you talk to me!
  • I’m away from my email, busy becoming a SketchUp wizard at 3D Basecamp!
    Follow #3DBasecamp to see the awesome stuff we’re doing!
  • I’m hanging out with the SketchUp crew at 3D Basecamp, trying not to get TOO smart!

When you arrive, you should know...

...Where you’re going when you get off the plane: the 3D Basecamp hotel is the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. The estimated UberX fare is $30.

...Self-parking is free. Just let the parking attendants know you’re with 3D Basecamp when you arrive.

...You can register at your leisure. Registration is open from 5:30pm - 8:00pm on Sunday and 7:00am - 5:30pm Monday-Thursday. To avoid the morning rush, grab your badge (and swag!) on Sunday or during the Trail Mixer Happy Hour on Tuesday evening.

...All sessions are first come, first serve. In most cases, there will be plenty of room for everyone, but it’s smart to arrive early for sessions you’re really keen on. Selecting sessions online or on the app doesn’t guarantee a spot.

...Are you bringing a partner to Palm Springs? They won’t want to miss out on our Desert Glow party! Buy them a ticket for $50.

...You can be part of our event video! Contribute to our compilation video using the Cinebody app! Download, launch and enter project code: 3DBC

...You may want to have some extra cash on-hand. After you run out of drink tickets at social events, some bars may require cash for your next round.

...No badge, no access! So, don’t go anywhere without it! Parties, meals, sessions, workshops... it’s you’re all-access pass. And who wouldn’t want to flash that flare around the conference?